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We handle both new brands and challenging rebranding projects. These involve transforming the appearance of dozens of products or implementing significant changes in multi-generational family businesses. We have been successfully tackling such challenges for over a decade, ensuring a seamless transition throughout.

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Real businesses are built on real challenges, constraints, and solutions. Explore our custom-made projects tailored to address specific needs, not hypothetical scenarios.

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Marcin Pilch

Marcin Pilch

partner of Pilch Piotrowski i Partnerzy Adwokacka SP. P.

Both clients and competitors have received our branding exceptionally well. In the first year, we witnessed projects inspired by our brand identity. The implementation was genuinely innovative, with meticulous attention to detail.

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

co-owner of Mobipol

We are amazed by the Holy Studio team's analytical skills, exceptional sense for details, and deep understanding of our industry. We have found a true business partner.
Dawid Piaskowski

Dawid Piaskowski

co-owner of Productz

They not only excel in design but also possess a deep understanding of the entrepreneur's perspective. This creates a conducive environment for developing complex projects that require constant refinement.

Case Studies

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  • Resibo – skincare
    • soon

    Skincare as the art of daily pleasure – transforming visual communication and rebranding Resibo packaging.

    For over two years, we have been working on the rebranding of one of the most beloved cosmetic brands among Polish women. Moving away from the associations with simple eco cosmetics, we have transformed the brand into a celebration of self-care, responsibly caring for nature, and a thriving export strategy.

  • Mobipol company logo
    • soon
    • soon

    30 years later: Mobipol's full rebranding journey

  • Good Sheet app logo
    • soon
    • soon

    Putting a friendly spin on budgeting for entrepreneurs