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Unleash the authentic character of your brand. From a solid name to a recognizable visual identity, a user-friendly website or app – you'll find it all with us, expertly delivered by our unified team.

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We don't simply provide services; we curate an experience tailored to your brand. Like puzzle pieces, every aspect of your brand image perfectly fits together — all thought out and purpose-driven. The result? Maximum impact, smart budget allocation, and a cohesive brand story that truly hits the mark.

  • New brand

    Avoid the pitfalls that await beginners and focus on building a strong foundation. Choose a solid starting point for success.

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  • Rebranding

    Embrace change. We will guide you through all stages: identifying issues, assessing risks, and implementing changes.

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  • Packaging design

    Captivate customers' attention with standout packaging, showcasing your product prominently on store shelves.

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    Packaging design of Zojo Elixirs products
  • E-commerce

    Enhance your store's user experience. Position your brand as a leader, driving long-term business benefits and customer loyalty.

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  • Apps & startups

    Create or enhance your application with confidence, avoiding any unexpected design challenges. Tailor your product to meet the market's expectations.

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    Fragment of the web application College Cribs

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A strong brand is much more than just an attractively presented offer. We will tell your story in a way that engages customers and brings you pride and satisfaction in your work. We will create unique designs for you while you focus on matters that depend solely on you.

Why Holy?

We guarantee only what we can deliver. Discover our service excellence.


Guaranteed on-time delivery of results

We take our commitments seriously, delivering results within agreed-upon deadlines and allowing clients to plan their next steps without stress.


Regular communication and quick response to urgent situations

We respond to messages within 48 hours, and in critical cases, we react on the same day.


Design decisions based on thorough analysis

We base our design choices on thorough analysis, understanding the problems, setting clear goals and priorities, and mitigating risks.


Optimized process refined over a decade

Continuously enhancing our design process, exploring new tools and methods, and developing proprietary checklists and task management systems.


Experience in managing multi-stage projects

From large-scale international ventures to intricate projects for local clients, we have the expertise to handle diverse challenges and deliver exceptional results.

About us

Your brand our expertise

Piotr Synowiec - co-owner of Holy Studio
Gabriela Kanik - co-owner of Holy Studio

Efficiency thrives when professionalism is paired with a friendly attitude and exceptional coordination. A good company matters in business too. We strive to foster collaboration that goes beyond a completed project.

What our clients say


Empowering growth

All clients are equally important to us, from market leaders to those taking their first steps. Our focus is on understanding their unique needs and driving their growth. Our services elevate brand recognition, effectively communicate values, and capture customer attention.

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers? Check if you can find them here or contact us.

What types of services do you offer?

All of our services revolve around design for businesses. We specialize in branding, website and app design, and packaging design.

We analyze gathered data, plan communication strategies, and bring them to life through compelling graphic design projects. You can also entrust us with implementing web and mobile projects or coordinating photoshoots. However, we do not handle marketing activities or create content for social media.

We will only take on the task if we have sufficient expertise in a specific area, but we'll do our best to help you find suitable partners and share our contacts.

I want to rebrand my company. Where should I start?

To kickstart your rebranding journey, we highly recommend starting with a brand audit. This comprehensive assessment of your brand's current state will unveil the most impactful actions that can bring you significant benefits while identifying potential risks that require attention.

We develop a strategic task plan through meticulous analysis, establish priorities, and set clear goals for the designers. By following this systematic approach, we ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time in finding practical solutions. As a crucial first step, we consider this service Stage 0 (preparation) in every rebranding project.

Our expertise extends to conducting audits for newly established companies and existing brands. We would be happy to prepare such a document for you as well.

What makes Holy Studio stand out?

We can distil it into three words: professionalism, genuine accountability, and above-average commitment. These are the words echoed by our clients. We take pride in ensuring that working with us is a sound investment that yields a swift return.

We uphold our agreements, deliver exceptional quality on time, and enthusiastically approach every project. We care for our client's businesses as if they were our own, proactively suggesting improvements and cheering them on as true partners.

What is a brief?

A brief is a document that gathers all the relevant information about a project in one place. We inquire about the client/audience and identify problems, needs, and project goals. The brief also establishes stylistic preferences and benchmarks (companies or exemplary projects that fulfil similar objectives) and defines the scope of collaboration.

I've made up my mind, and I want to work with you. What should I do?

Just reach out to us, whether it's through the contact form or by sending us an email. Remember to attach any files or documents you want to share. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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