A new era with reenergized spirit. Bold transformation after 30 years in the motor industry.

Portfolio cover – Mobipol logo and snippets of the website
  • Photo of Mobipol employees

For 30 years, we have been running a highly specialised and distinctive business. We were seeking a creative executor but found much more. We are amazed by the analytical skills of the Holy Studio team, their exceptional attention to detail, and their understanding of our industry at multiple levels. They easily put themselves in our shoes, even though they had never sold oil and automotive lubricants before.

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

co-owner of Mobipol


Renewed drive

The logo integrates three primary symbols: an oil droplet, the letter M, and an engine piston. These elements directly represent the industry's technical nature and highlight Mobipol's specialised services. The use of green accentuates Mobipol's commitment to eco-friendly practices, especially essential in lubricant distribution.

  • Mobipol logo on a black background
  • Green business card with the company logo
  • Meaning of the emblem – a combination of the letter "M", an engine piston, and a drop of engine oil


Main goals

Mobipol's quest for a website unravelled a brand with vast, untapped digital promise – their profound expertise and service diversity called for a dynamic online platform.

Elements from Mobipol webpage – offer sections and blog article

Differentiating in a crowded market

The client's need was clear – establishing a distinct place amidst a sea of competitors. Rather than merely showcasing their link to the oil manufacturer, we focused on moulding and accentuating their unique brand identity.

Efficient information flow

Creating a seamless information structure was paramount. We designed Mobipol's website to be instinctive, transforming complex data into digestible insights.

More than just sales

Mobipol offers more than distribution – their technical mavens, fortified with advanced tools, are ever-ready for consultation. We emphasised this unique position in our design.

Renewed essence

Brands periodically seek refreshment. For Mobipol, the new site was a beacon of renewed zest, stirring inspiration and team morale.

A brand rooted in time

Our design perspective was future-forward, yet we paid homage to Mobipol's rich 30-year legacy, underscoring its heritage and foundational ethos.

  • Project scope – logo, typography, icons, illustrations, and color palette

Key visual

Technical clarity and lightness

The logo laid the foundation for our visual system, built on geometric, cut-off shapes. Our colour palette combines the freshness of green with simple white, grey, and black. Linear icons and isometric illustrations take inspiration from technical drawings, adding depth to the site's minimalist design. We also created two distinct icon styles: outline shapes and filled geometric forms.

Geometric influence

Angular, sharp shapes that reflect the logo's design.

Linear illustrations

Isometric graphics showcase various concepts and services.

Two icon styles

Varied icons help emphasise the most essential information.

  • Grid with fragments of the website


Digital evolution

In designing Mobipol's website, we merged modern aesthetics with seamless responsiveness, delivering a top-tier user experience across all devices. By giving the brand a pronounced technical flair, we distinguished Mobipol from Mobil's known image, amplifying its unique identity.

Highlighting Mobipol's dedicated team deepened trust in the brand, mirroring their outstanding service. Furthermore, the specialised guides enrich the content, underscoring Mobipol's authoritative expertise.

  • Website fragment showcasing the company's offer
  • Details of a subpage with information about car oils
  • Mobipol employees conducting car oil analysis
  • Icons used on the website
  • Illustrative covers for blog posts
  • Fragments of a subpage about selecting lubricants and oil analysis
  • Fragments of the mobile version of the website
  • Hand holding a phone blog article from Mobipol's website on the screen

Printed materials

Customised solutions

In crafting our printed materials, we responded to the client's current needs, from industry events to essential marketing operations. Our thoughtful prioritisation ensured the budget was directed towards aspects that enhanced the brand's reputation.

  • Front and back of Mobipol business cards
  • Highlights icons for the Instagram profile
  • Company letterhead and folder with the company logo
  • Cover of the company brochure
  • Selected pages from the company brochure
  • Vertical banner
  • Branding elements – business card, logo, company letterhead, green envelope, and notepad with embossed logo
  • Outline of the uniform for employees with the company logo
  • Information board with opening hours and floor number


Strategic renewal

Working with Mobipol, we gained fresh insights into the automotive world, diving deeper into the brand's characteristics. With an all-encompassing approach, we introduced solutions that strengthened Mobipol in the competitive market and unveiled new, inspiring opportunities.


Established partnership

Our rebranding efforts received acknowledgment from the product's flagship brand. As a result, Mobipol now stands out among its peers, prompting the manufacturer to continue its partnership with Mobipol, even with a shift in its strategy and fewer partner engagements.


Bridging generations

We presented a future-focused brand strategy that meets the new generation's expectations while honouring the company's longstanding traditions and commitment.


Team's new drive

Our collaboration infused new energy into Mobipol's team. They felt inspired by the renewed brand direction and vision.


Engaging new markets

Employing a strategic brand vision, Mobipol reached out to untapped customer segments, streamlining their sales cycle.


Regained interest

The reimagined brand drew back former clients, spotlighting Mobipol's renewed appeal and foundational strengths.

Through our collaboration, we've achieved a brand identity that's not only contemporary and fresh but also approachable. This positions us uniquely for future growth and fuels our passion. Entrusting Holy with upcoming projects is a no-brainer; we can focus on our core duties, confident in their dedication to excellence.

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

Justyna Kruczek-Miljenović

co-owner of Mobipol

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