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Discover our holistic approach to brand and product design. Integrating our services ensures time-saving solutions, unwavering quality, and maximized business outcomes. Let us tackle the tough decisions and intricate planning, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

New brand

Considering a new brand launch? The initial stages are intricate, filled with crucial decisions. Aiming to lay a solid foundation and stand out among established industry players? Or perhaps you're introducing a new product to your existing brand?

We're here to provide clarity. By aligning with your goals, we offer solutions tailored to your budget and meticulously craft the essential components that will define your brand.

Standard scope of work

  • brand analysis
  • communication strategy
  • naming
  • logo design
  • key visual
  • web design
  • copywriting
  • printed materials
  • launch support

Your benefits

  • avoid beginner pitfalls
  • boost early brand recognition
  • stand out from your competitors
  • communicate with clarity
  • position your brand effortlessly
  • earn enhanced trust and credibility
  • present products that captivate
  • set the stage for future growth
  • strengthen your employer image
  • motivate and energize your team
  • utilise professional promotional tools
  • launch powerfully and promote easily
  • maximize your brand's value
  • reduce potential business risks
  • receive solutions tailored just for you

Project examples

Good Sheet


Your brand feels the winds of change, and the motivations are becoming undeniable. Yet a poorly executed rebrand can put your venture at risk. Keen on channelling your efforts effectively and partnering with experienced designers?

Our approach begins with a comprehensive audit, pinpointing challenges and establishing shared goals. We also highlight potential pitfalls and areas that need fresh, innovative solutions. A successful transformation hinges on a solid plan, and you can trust us to guide you through every crucial step.

Standard scope of work

  • audit & action plan
  • communication strategy
  • logo
  • key visual
  • web design
  • copywriting
  • printed graphic materials
  • consulting for rebranding announcements
  • launch support

Your benefits

  • stand out against the competition
  • gain profound market understanding
  • renew ties with current clients and captivate newcomers
  • tailor communication for new brand touchpoint
  • rebuild brand perception after potential setbacks
  • increase adaptability to emerging challenges
  • clearly highlight major company evolutions
  • boost employee morale and dedication
  • heighten brand visibility in the digital realm
  • ensure consistency across all platforms
  • adapt the brand to specific market requirements
  • bolster trust among partners and stakeholders
  • streamline marketing expenditures
  • stay current with the latest in branding
  • enhance brand perception for potential investors
  • clarify the 'why' and 'what' behind the rebranding
  • reclaim the lost position, and restore brand significance in the industry

Project examples

Oleje Sklep

Packaging design

You have an exceptional product, and doesn't it deserve the spotlight? With competition constantly on the move, are you aiming to captivate customers with a distinct design? We're here to craft the visual strategy and design packaging that will set you apart.

Launching a select collection or expanding into an extensive range? We'll amplify the allure. Your products won't just be in-store favourites – they'll be social media must-shares.

Standard scope of work

  • analysis
  • visual strategy
  • logo adaptation for packaging
  • key visuals
  • packaging design layouts
  • visualisations
  • copywriting
  • coordination with print specialists
  • print-ready packaging files
  • photoshoot briefing
  • collaborating with photographers
  • promotional graphic materials
  • product launch support

Your benefits

  • achieve visuals that match your sales strategies (mass market, premium, or niche)
  • elevate your product's presentation both in-store and online
  • resonate deeply with your target audience's desires
  • effectively convey your product's unique value
  • simplify product spotting amidst a diverse assortment
  • future-proof designs for potential assortment growth
  • get the best print results within your budget
  • remain stress-free with creations adhering to legal standards
  • make environmentally conscious design decisions
  • benefit from packaging that endures and protects during transport

Project examples

Zojo Elixirs


Launching an e-commerce platform and aiming for a strong debut? Or perhaps your store's already up and running, but you're looking to enhance its market standing. Attract new shoppers and ensure scalable growth.

We'll draft a strategy, delve into the market landscape, and evaluate your current approach. We'll determine how your brand resonates with modern consumer needs. By defining customer personas and pinpointing user preferences, we aim to enhance their shopping experience. Trust us to craft a platform specifically tailored to your objectives.

Standard scope of work

  • brand and competition analysis
  • functional mockups
  • copywriting
  • store design
  • implementation
  • tool integration
  • graphic materials
  • packaging designs / unboxing experience
  • launch and promotion support

Your benefits

  • align your store's design with brand strategy
  • navigate with purchase-friendly intuition
  • streamline the checkout process
  • excel on mobile devices
  • boost speed for top performance
  • optimize for SEO
  • integrate cutting-edge marketing tools
  • keep visuals in line with the latest trends
  • drive a seamless customer journey
  • craft content for your target audience
  • expand your store with ease
  • elevate transaction security and hack resistance
  • ensure ongoing technical support
  • avoid licensing constraints of off-the-shelf solutions
  • analyze user behaviour for UX refinement

Project examples

Zojo Elixirs
Oleje Sklep

Apps & startups

Launching or refining your app and seeking expert guidance? Want to make a significant impact, elevate user satisfaction, and increase user engagement? Is your startup on the path to a sale?

Collaborate with seasoned professionals versed in navigating common challenges, ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Standard scope of work

  • analysis
  • UX/UI strategy
  • logo
  • copywriting
  • functional mock-ups
  • app design
  • key visual
  • landing page
  • implementation and testing
  • integration with external systems
  • technical documentation

Your benefits

  • adapt the interface to your target audience's preferences
  • ensure uniform product communication
  • enhance user experience
  • craft visuals that invite continued engagement
  • distinguish yourself from competing apps
  • optimise for higher download rates
  • emphasise intuitive app navigation
  • prepare designs for future expansion
  • ensure tight-knit collaboration between the design team and developers
  • receive expert insights on achieving product-market fit
  • attract investor attention with standout visuals
  • refine app responsiveness and efficiency
  • uphold the highest standards of data protection
  • position for future scalability

Project examples

Good Sheet
College Cribs

Your bespoke service bundle

Drawing from our extensive experience, we've gained a comprehensive understanding of businesses like yours. Using that insight, we've crafted service packages that can be tailored precisely to meet your unique needs.

Our expertise

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Why Holy?

Quality over quantity

Each project gets our full focus. By taking on fewer assignments, we commit to excellence and on-time delivery, tailoring our approach to individual needs.

Nurturing talent

In contrast to larger agencies, our junior designers are given simpler tasks, enabling them to grow without compromising our clients' interests.

Success in partnership

Our success is defined not by design awards, but by our clients' business accomplishments. Their milestones are ours too.

Budget clarity

We ensure a hassle-free collaboration with consistent updates and thorough hourly breakdowns from our design crew.


They trusted us

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

co-owner of Resibo

Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties of rebranding, we turned to Holy Studio. In our quest for designers with whom we could swiftly forge a trusting relationship and maintain an open dialogue, Holy proved to be our match.

Bartek Pucek

Bartek Pucek

business expert, investor and author of

With Holy, every collaboration seems to hit the mark. Their exceptional communication, deep understanding, and precision at every turn are commendable. Their dedication to achieving excellence distinguishes them in today's marketplace.

Marta Ravensdale

Marta Ravensdale

owner of Zojo Elixirs

Holy Studio designed unique packaging and a functional website for us. We value their ability to accurately assess risks and opportunities, as well as their knack for selecting the best solutions. Our products shine and stand out from the competition, offering a truly unique experience.


Stepwise success

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    Free consultation & agreements

    Let's dive into where you stand now and map out the future possibilities. Don't worry about having all the pieces—this is the best time for questions and clarifications. Once we grasp your brief, we'll craft a tailored proposal.

  2. 2

    Analysis & design

    With various stages and decisions looming, our combined efforts set the stage for outstanding results. Our collaboration thrives on your know-how, openness, and trust, bolstered by our profound expertise and dedication.

  3. 3

    Delight in the results

    The end of design heralds real, tangible achievements. With our support, we'll ensure a seamless transition from design to launch, navigating technicalities and collaborations. We stand by you, providing a rewarding experience.

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