Zojo Elixirs

Supplement packaging reimagined – adding elegance to wellness

Project cover – grid of various Zojo Elixirs products
  • Close-up of Zojo products grid


Z for Zojo

In the ZOJO logo, there's no tangle of intricate metaphors. Its design is straightforward: two gently arched shapes come together to outline the letter Z, influenced by the form of leaves, symbolising the natural essence of the ingredients.

  • Zojo logo
  • Inner packaging of Zojo products
  • Hand holding The Gorgeous Formula jar
  • Animation of Zojo emblem transforming into a floral pattern

The symbol gives off vibes of the equality sign, aligning seamlessly with the essence of ZOJO The Gorgeousness Company.

Marta Ravensdale

Marta Ravensdale

owner of Zojo Elixirs

Key visual

Basic product line

Inspired by the brand emblem, we crafted an expansive pattern with varied yet consistently rounded shapes, evoking organic forms and feminine curves. Against a white backdrop, the black pattern's high contrast ensures it stands out and aligns easily with the symbols of individual formulas.

  • Zojo outer packaging among flowers
  • Inner packaging of The Young Formula
  • Inner packaging of The Supergreens Formula
  • Large and small outer packaging of The Supergreens Formula
  • Three black-and-white Zojo boxes stacked on top of each other
  • Packaging of The Collagen Formula
  • Four jars of Zojo products with powders scattered on lids


Primary goals

When ZOJO Elixirs stepped onto the scene in 2018, nutraceuticals and supplements weren't the buzzing sectors they are today. Aligning ZOJO for projected sales boosts in this domain, our compass pointed towards global trends.

Illustration depicting ingredients falling into an open Zojo jar

Premium packaging

We envisioned a design to allure the clientele of renowned perfumeries and chic concept stores, paving new, unconventional avenues for sales.

Spotlight on adaptogens

During ZOJO's early days, adaptogens resonated mainly with those dialled into natural medicine or biohacking. Our goal? Broaden that spectrum.

More than just supplements

Despite enhancing dietary values, nutraceuticals diverge from your run-of-the-mill supplements. Highlighting this divergence, especially visually, was crucial.

Nurturing habit

For supplements to yield their full benefits, consistency is vital. An appealing package not only complements any setting but also encourages daily use.

  • Packaging of The Gorgeous Formula
  • Packaging of The Bikini Body Formula
  • Packaging of The Sexy Formula
  • Packaging of The Gorgeous Formula covered with leaves

Main series symbolism

For the primary ZOJO series, we highlighted distinctive ingredients and their diverse applications. While packages maintain harmonised appearance — emphasising the series' cohesion — each blend's distinct character shines through, capturing both ZOJO's essence and the blend's uniqueness.

  • Illustration of three Zojo jars on a green background

Expanded range

Golden Adapto Latte & Pearl

With the introduction of these products to the ZOJO range, it was essential to accentuate their distinct features. Although they adhere to ZOJO's signature colours and patterns, their exclusive designs and ingredient-centric symbols, enriched by metallic foils, set them apart.

  • Packaging of Golden Adapto Latte next to a glass with a cocktail
  • Pearl packaging
  • Open jar of Golden Adapto Latte

Designing for sales

Chic ingredient, two ways

Hydrolyzed collagen had already found its place in our original lineup. Adding two new collagen variations called for a unique visual representation. The collagen and ashwagandha blend, envisioned as a pink latte, showcases a refreshed design featuring side illustrations.

  • Packaging of Zojo Pink Drink on a pink background
  • Packaging of Zojo Pink Drink
  • Hands adding powder from Pink Drink packaging into a glass

Conversely, the liquid collagen seamlessly integrates into the main series, marked by its monochrome label and minimalist icon.

  • Bottle of Collagen Beauty Booster liquid lying down
  • Bottle of liquid collagen Collagen Beauty Booster
  • Model holding packaging of Zojo liquid collagen

Printed assets

Catalogues & gift cards

In addition to product design, ZOJO Elixirs entrusted us with their gift cards and dual catalogues. Gift cards mirror the core product aesthetic in monochrome, adapting to various occasions. The extensive catalogue, celebrating the brand's debut, features over 60 icons denoting ingredients and properties. The compact version, targeting international audiences, offers translations in both English and German.

  • Open and closed brochure with Zojo product catalog
  • Fragment of brochure with products
  • Selected page from product catalog showing ingredient icons
  • Icons of formula ingredients
  • Two black-and-white gift cards
  • Open gift card


Making it user-friendly

Zaprojektowaliśmy dla ZOJO Elixirs dwie strony internetowe – pierwszą na start, gdy dostępna była wyłącznie podstawowa linia produktów, a marka zbierała feedback od pierwszych klientów. Oraz drugą, gdy asortyment ZOJO był już większy, a marka bogatsza o liczne wnioski z analizy rosnącego rynku, pojawiającej się konkurencji i własnej strategii sprzedaży.

  • Zojo homepage

Designed for everyone

Our design ensures clarity and ease of use for both seasoned nutraceutical enthusiasts and newcomers.

Help on hand

Clear descriptions and an intuitive QUIZ lend a guiding hand to those looking for the right product.

Dish up creativity

ZOJO's powdered formulas are versatile. Our design spotlights recipe inspirations to enhance daily meals.

  • Product page
  • Photo of The Collagen Formula packaging and a snippet of the shopping basket
  • Fragments of the product page
  • Blog page with recipes
  • Fragment of the page with product photos
  • "Recently on the blog" section


Empowering brand growth

Working with ZOJO Elixirs showcases our ethos – we're not just about tasks but about forging strong business relationships. We deeply understand our client's aspirations, crafting strategies that drive measurable results.


Reliable project execution

For every ZOJO Elixirs' assignment, our precise planning and reliability ensured that product launches and marketing campaigns progressed seamlessly, backed by our unwavering support.


Industry insightfulness

Drawing from an intimate knowledge of ZOJO Elixirs' aspirations and the wellness & beauty landscape, our deliverables not only mirrored the brand's essence but were also attuned to evolving market trends and consumer preferences.


Sales-centric design

Our designs for new product unveilings captured their intrinsic value, supporting ZOJO's overarching sales narrative.


Consistent vision

Consistency defines our work, yet each project bursts with fresh creativity. With our Creative Director leading, we often surpass brand expectations. This allowed ZOJO to envision broader horizons, trusting our meticulous brand management.

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