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Portfolio cover - selected mats and Moonholi logo
  • Yogi practicing on Tropicana mat


Harmonious symbol

The design of the Moonholi logo masterfully integrates sleek typography with a serene emblem. Taking inspiration from the iconic lotus pose, a key element of yoga, the logo blends flowing curves and balanced composition. This design, both timeless and reflective of Moonholi's ethos, subtly adorns each mat, enhancing the illustrations without dominating them.

  • Moonholi logo and explanation of the symbol's meaning, which is a combination of a yogi's silhouette, moon, and yoga mat


Essential focus

Our collaboration with Moonholi was all about creating designs that never go out of style and always inspire. From the minimalist logo to the varied illustrations, we focused on combining artistry with function, capturing the brand's essence and meeting our customers' high expectations.

Icons for key principles

Flexible branding

The Moonholi logo is designed to fit well on yoga mats and sports apparel. It complements the illustrations without overpowering them, staying recognizable and distinct. This subtle branding highlights the brand's excellence and luxury, enhancing the product's design without altering its aesthetic.

Illustrations with a purpose

We aimed to convert yoga practice into a richly dimensional experience. Each graphic is tailored to encourage regular exercise and cultivate beneficial habits with an added touch of aesthetic delight. These illustrations are comparable to favourite masterpieces, to be enjoyed during practice, turning every yoga session into something extraordinary.

Assorted styles

Our range of mats showcases various themes, artistic techniques, and graphic styles, forming a collection that is both uniform and individual, capturing the brand's personality. This variety keeps customers excited, always looking forward to the next design that could transform their yoga practice.

Ahead of trends

Our trend awareness has led to unique designs, such as the "Magic" mat with palo santo and crystal motifs. We've also ventured into psychedelic mushroom designs on another mat, keeping our collection at the forefront of modernity and innovation, positioning Moonholi as a pioneering brand in the yoga world.

For every yogi

Recognizing that only some are drawn to spiritual or esoteric symbols or colourful designs, we aimed to offer a variety that appeals to a wide range of tastes. This approach allows the brand to reach a more diverse audience, enabling each individual to find their ideal mat.

  • Yogi sitting on Illumination mat

Launching Moonholi

Debut collection

Moonholi entered the market with a unique set of five mats. Three of these were thoughtfully designed based on a brief, while the other two emerged from a more spontaneous and organic design process. This early stage was pivotal in shaping the brand's unique style and symbolism and in exploring the range of diversity we aimed to incorporate into our product illustrations.

  • First mats – Illumination, Venus, Vibration, Body, and The Moon (Zojo)

For those engaged in yoga, it's well-known that a good mat is fundamental to an effective practice. It needs to be both supportive and durable, but if it's also visually attractive, it adds to the overall positive experience. For this reason, Moonholi's designers have uniquely distinguished their product, viewing the rectangular mat as a medium for artistic expression. Each model is notably expressive, whether a stylized hamsa, an abstract monochrome mosaic, or an artistic rendering of a woman's body.

Key visual

Remarkable symbolism

These are not ordinary mats but extraordinary illustrations – as highlighted by the press and Moonholi's clients. Our mission was to create unmistakable, unique designs. Our illustrations are visually attractive and elaborate graphical tales with underlying meanings, encouraging their owners to use them daily for self-growth and empowerment.

  • Grid of best-selling mats projects


The number eight, symbolising fortune and endlessness, is subtly integrated into the dragon's form. In Chinese culture, it's a sign of blessings and safeguarding.

Venus Pentagram

The 'Golden Flower' depicted in the pearl represents Venus's trajectory around Earth and the Sun; its connection to the golden ratio signifies flawlessness and beauty.

Third Eye

The Hamsa symbol is adorned with stardust, incorporating the Third Eye motif, symbolising heightened consciousness and enlightenment.

  • Warrior mat with a dragon
  • Venus mat with Venus pearl and seashell
  • Illumination mat with symbols of Hamsa and Third Eye

Artisan's touch

Dedicated precision

Every illustration is the result of intense labour and detailed attention. Using custom-made brushes and various tools and even valuing the beauty of imperfections, we craft each pattern with its unique style. These techniques distinguish our designs and highlight the artistic and manual skills involved in our work.

  • Rolled-up Persiana mat
  • Yogi on persiana mat
  • Yogi on tropicana mini mat
  • Half-rolled Tropicana mat

Purposeful design

Absolute symmetry

Appreciated especially by yoga professionals, this yoga mat design aspect is crucial. The illustrative composition aids in performing asanas and maintaining focus. The symmetry brings order to the graphics, and the central placement of the illustrations means the mat is always facing the user, regardless of which end is unrolled.

  • Selected mats: Magic Carpet, Veganika, Magic and Psychobella
  • Yogi on dark green Veganika mat
  • Detail of Magic mat depicting moon, herbs and a crystal

Novel format

All-around yoga

Responding to customer requests, we've launched two designs of round yoga mats. These mats, measuring 140 cm in diameter, are especially favoured by acro-yoga enthusiasts for their ample space and versatility. They're also popular among mothers practising yoga while keeping their babies close. Often left out as part of the room's decor, these mats resemble stylish round rugs, adding a functional yet aesthetic touch to any space.

  • Shamanka round mat
  • Elephants round mat depicting a mandala

Complete sets

Yoga support pads

Our mini mats, ideal for standing poses, deliver outstanding padding, especially for users of thinner travel mats. The design harmoniously matches several of our hit patterns, continuing their visual theme and making the pads an ideal addition to our regular mats.

  • Mini mats – Magic Carpet, Magic, Illumination, Cosmic Girl, and Tropicana
  • Mini Magic Girl mat on original mat
  • Yogi using Magic Girl mat set

Pro series mats

For the yoga experts

Our yoga-enthusiast favourite designs have been carried over to a selection for our most demanding customers. The mats, featuring improved grip and greater thickness, have patterns either in gold paint or laser-imprinted. The designs are as visually appealing as their original microfiber versions.

  • Yogi practicing on Illumination Pro mat
  • Yogi on Magic Pro mat. Photo credit: Adam Janoszek
  • Detail of Illumination Pro mat
  • Yogi sitting on Magic Carpet Pro mat, lighting scented candle

Side projects

Enchanting extras

As part of our regular collaboration, we've also taken on smaller projects to meet Moonholi's ongoing demands. This includes the design of 'magic boxes' known as ritual sets consisting of incense, candles, and crystals, and designing the simple yet elegant graphic aesthetics for high-end mat-cleaning sprays.

  • Magic Box Chill Out
  • Magic Box Glow Up
  • Magic Box Magic
  • Magic Ritual incenses and Magic scented candle
  • Glow Up scent mist
  • Make A Wish matches and Chill Out scented candle. Photo credit: Yasne Lab
  • Glow Up Magic Box among crystals
  • Glow Up Magic Box among crystals
  • Magic Rain yoga mat cleaning spray


Design that drives sales

For Moonholi, we were a reliable business partner, trusted with the most challenging tasks. We consistently delivered high quality, comprehensive support and a creative vision that won worldwide praise from yoga enthusiasts. Our collaboration contributed to Moonholi's outstanding market debut and quick international success.


Ongoing partnership

The success with Zojo Elixirs paved the way for Moonholi's owner to hand us another project. Yoga mats were a novel domain for us, yet we developed dozens of distinctive illustrations, fusing creativity with market understanding.


Strategic initiatives

We went beyond executing tasks; we proposed cutting-edge concepts and creative marketing initiatives to boost Moonholi's brand. Charitable projects like Cosmic Girl and Elephants originated from our proactive approach.


Editorial recognition

Our designs have made Moonholi mats a must-have. Coverage in elite magazines like Vogue and Elle spotlighted the products and influenced purchases with their positive reviews.


Viral appeal

In designing Moonholi's logo and mats, we focused on making them attractive for social media showcasing. The illustrations have become a hit with users worldwide, consistently drawing new customers. The Moonholi's mats are now essentials in chic yoga studios and upscale hotel chains.


Industry benchmark

When Moonholi launched in 2019, it stood out as one of the first Polish brands redefining yoga accessories. Despite increased market competition, Moonholi continues to lead, with our designs establishing industry benchmarks and motivating rivals.

Yogis globally praise the designs Holy made for our yoga mats. Their professionalism and innovative flair have never failed me. They know how to elevate a product with exceptional design.

Marta Ravensdale

Marta Ravensdale

owner of Moonholi

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