Bringing a fresh perspective to air quality measurement through unconventional illustrations

Portfolio cover – air quality monitoring device and illustration
  • Animation with Kaiterra branding elements


The ever-changing illustration style

The chosen illustration style is inspired by the band itself – modern like Kaiterra’s air monitors and personal like their costumes and causes they are invested in. Dry brushes and stipple shading add depth to company’s vibrant color palette. Some illustrations picture complex issues like decreased productivity caused by air pollution and others display fun concepts and ideas for how to make the world a better, cleaner place.

The illustrations made their way to most of Kaiterra’s marketing materials, including product packaging sold at Apple Stores in China!

  • Illustration with a character blowing away the polluted air
  • Illustration depicting a net for butterflies that catches black clouds
  • Illustration with a character taking off an anti-smog mask and enjoying clean air
  • Kaiterra website
  • Poster with the text "Be Different"
  • Poster with the text "Technology You Need to Make a Cleaner Home"
  • T-shirts with illustrations
  • Spot illustrations
  • Posters on the building wall


Highlighted in Apple Stores

We designed new packaging sleeves for Kaiterra’s LaserEgg air monitors. Being sold at Apple Stores, the packaging had to blend well with Apple products and have a state-of-art, minimalist appearance at the same time, it had to stand out and adequately promote Kaiterra’s brand. Our design is simple and versatile, balancing white space with bold colors and illustrations.

Plain as day

Clearly displayed name of the product helps distinguish the devices and make them stand out on the store shelves.

No surprises

The angle and appearance of the air monitor on the front correspond with how it is laid inside the box.

Bold and beautiful

The distinctive Kaiterra triangle lets customers quickly tell the three LaserEggs apart.

  • Hand holding the cardboard packaging of the Kaiterra device
  • Laser Egg device on a blue background
  • Laser Egg + CO2 device on a yellow background
  • Laser Egg + Chemical device on a green background
  • Outer packaging


Full-service design support

Kaiterra’s got plenty to do. With so much pollution in the air worldwide, the company is eager to reach customers, NGOs, and governments to spread knowledge on how to fight it. We helped them on a daily basis, designing engaging social media templates, informative product leaflets, handy manuals, motivational posters, and helpful infographics.

  • Social media profiles on different devices
  • Banner with a photo of the Kaiterra device
  • Catalog fragments
  • "The Ultimate Guide to Home Pollution" guide on a tablet screen
  • Green mural on a brick wall
  • Photo from a conference showing a slide from the presentation "We must stop air pollution"
  • Catalog cover


Shaping brands for a smart future

In an era where the smart-tech industry is soaring, we master the delicate balance between understanding technological nuances and the evolving needs of users. Our seamless work with clients like Kaiterra demonstrates our commitment to effective international collaboration.


Crafted for Apple Store excellence

Our packaging designs for Kaiterra are visually appealing and strategic, aiming to enhance credibility in the tech-savvy ecosystem of Apple. By integrating with Apple's high standards, Kaiterra taps into an established trust and carves its unique space in the smart-tech landscape.


Deep insight into brand purpose

Our combined expertise in branding, staying up-to-date with smart-tech industry shifts, and a drive to make meaningful global impacts enable us to offer transformative visual strategies. For Kaiterra, it wasn't just about aesthetics but about echoing their battle for cleaner air in every design element.


Seamless global communication

Collaborating with Kaiterra, a Chinese entity, meant bridging time zones and cultures. We ensured uninterrupted communication, providing regular updates and fostering an environment where distance became inconsequential.


A culture of unified vision

At Holy Studio, our values resonate with Kaiterra's goals, which led to a synergistic collaboration. Our mutual respect and shared commitment to the cause strengthened our collective effort.

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