Shining brightly in the software house industry with new branding and an intuitive website

Portfolio cover – computer with the Coders3 webpage
  • Pattern of triangular brackets on a yellow-and-black gradient


Coding-Inspired Emblem

At the heart of the Coders3 logo is the digit 3, enhanced with a decorative cut, creating a unique and strong visual impact. The prominent '>' symbol subtly nods to coding, enhancing its tech-savvy image. The bottom of the 3, shaped like a smile, has been finely integrated with the typography, achieving consistency and elegance in the logo's compact version and infusing the brand with a welcoming character. The sleek, minimalist lettering signals the brand's commitment to professionalism and tech-forward approach.

  • Coders3 logo and the construction of the "3" element
  • Animation showcasing the Coders3 logo in various color variations


Creative problem-solving

In shaping the visual identity of a software house led by expert programmers, our method was modern and dynamic. With limited graphic resources, we strived to bring their professional and experiential narrative to the forefront.

Module from the process page and a computer icon

Vibrant Colour Highlights

Implementing a lively, yellow hue as the primary feature in the design of the website and promotional materials serves to make the brand stand out, capture interest, and generate upbeat feelings. This vivid contrast of colours accentuates the firm's dynamism and modernity, making the brand more memorable and recognizable to clients.

Seamless Browsing Experience

Visually strategic elements are placed to guide user engagement and exploration of the brand adeptly. The intuitive structure of categorised content and logically sequenced sections ease the user's path from general information to detailed service offerings.

Sales-Driven Readability

The strategic use of 'white space' along with sharp typography assists users in quickly deciphering and understanding content, which is critical to an effective sales strategy.

Simplified Offer Presentation

The application of icons and pithy service descriptions enables a quick illustration of offerings, indispensable in the tech industry where services tend to be complex.

Visualizing Complex Solutions

Tailor-made illustrations and icons simplify the communication of complex technological services, showcasing the company's flair for innovation and increasing the brand's visual appeal to consumers.

  • Computer with the Coders3 page displayed on the screen facing front

Key visual

Catching Eyes

Choosing bold colour schemes, complex illustrations, and icons was an ideal strategy for a company that started without diverse visual assets, like office photographs or snapshots from corporate events.

  • Fragments of subpages from the Coders3 website
  • Hero section from the services subpage, featuring an isometric illustration

Isometric Illustrations

Add dimensional depth to the site, echoing the style of technical drawings.

Lighting Effect

Highlights essential features, adds a modern vibe, and brightens the dark backdrop.

Angled Motif

Injects a sense of dynamism into the website, inspired by the logo's design.

  • View of the "About Us" subpage
  • Tablet with a customer review and a yellow module displaying project numbers and years of experience
  • Simple icon with text describing the benefits of contacting Coders3

Mobile-first Web Design

Information Just a Tap Away

With the standard user in mind – a marketing or design expert – we've prioritised the mobile version of the website. Clients of Coders3, often active and on the move, need quick information access via smartphone. Our focus on mobile use exceeds meeting their productivity needs; it showcases Coders3's capabilities. Well-crafted responsive designs testify to their expertise and meticulousness, a crucial mark of reliability in tech.

  • Four outlines of a phone with the mobile version of the Coders3 website
  • Phone screen with a contact form
  • Section with icons describing Coders3 values

Icons and ilustrations

Elevating the Perspective

Using an isometric perspective in our illustrations lends them a roomy, three-dimensional effect. Shadows underneath each component create a floating illusion, adding to the composition's energetic feel. Recurrent computer and screen motifs link to Coders3's industry, accentuating their digital solution focus.

  • Grid of several isometric illustrations featuring computers, browser windows, a shopping cart, and the Coders3 logo
  • Grid of simplified icons from the website

    The icons are designed with a monochrome shadow that gives them depth and sharpness, while the simple linear icons help tidy up the information. This combination ensures the key visual is visually attractive and boosts communication efficacy.

  • Grid of elaborate isometric icons

Brand Extras

With a Playful Twist

The visual language has also found its way into social media and printed business materials. We've chosen playful industry nods to provide a new lens for clients and employees to view the brand. Each design element, from clothing to custom cards, demonstrates an up-to-date approach to business relationship cultivation. Graphics that carry a signature digital flair consolidate the brand's image and accentuate its unique vibe with clever touches like a desktop-inspired card.

  • Templates for social media posts
  • Letterhead and a yellow envelope with the company logo
  • Outlined sweatshirt with Coders3 logo and sticker-like icons
  • Welcome card for a new employee
  • Holiday and occasional cards


Custom-Built for Success

Working with Coders3 highlights our skill in adapting graphic solutions to a client's unique challenges and demands. By constructing a comprehensive branding structure – from the logo and illustrative key visuals to corporate items – we created a distinct identity for Coders3 that aptly reflects their IT specialisation. Our strategic planning led to an expansive, responsive website design that meets specific technological requirements, creating a consistent visual narrative that positions the client in a competitive sector.


Lasting Logo Concept

Coders3's logo, inspired by the nuances of programming languages, reflects the brand's technological flair. The logo's graphic symbolism, which subtly nods to code, makes the brand stand out to its clientele and communicates its specialty, a critical factor in building trust and a powerful brand in the industry.


Illustration-Driven Brand Identity

Faced with limited graphic resources, we embarked on a creative journey. Without access to team or office photos and constrained by the programming industry's visual limitations, we crafted personalised illustrations. These bespoke graphics replaced traditional imagery and imbued the website with a distinct flair, enriching the textual content and elevating its appeal to visitors.


Flexibility in Working with Developers

Coders3 received a project that precisely conformed to their technological methodologies. As they managed the implementation, it necessitated our exceptional attention to their distinct requirements and protocols. We based our cooperation on adapting the project to meet their developer preferences, thus affirming our adeptness in observing the client's technical mandates and asserting the high standard of our design practices.


Cost-Effective Distinction

The crowded IT marketplace, dominated by similar graphic styles, compelled Coders3 to find a method to stand out affordably. We emphasised designing distinctive illustrations and selecting vibrant colours, endowing the client with a fresh image without extra costs. This tactic crafted a unique visual identity for the brand and showcased its creativity.

Holy Studio created an innovative, standout branding that perfectly aligned with our vision. At every step, we felt assured by their expert guidance. They kept us well-informed about ongoing developments and efficiently navigated any challenges. The Holy team is notably creative and communicative, making the collaboration process enjoyable. We wholeheartedly recommend Holy Studio's services to businesses seeking top-quality service and a strong brand identity.

Paweł Orzechowski

Paweł Orzechowski

owner of Coders3

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