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What makes Holy Studio stand out?

We can distil it into three words: professionalism, genuine accountability, and above-average commitment. These are the words echoed by our clients. We take pride in ensuring that working with us is a sound investment that yields a swift return. We uphold our agreements, deliver exceptional quality on time, and enthusiastically approach every project. We care for our client's businesses as if they were our own, proactively suggesting improvements and cheering them on as true partners.

Who is responsible for your company?

At the heart of our company are Piotr Synowiec and Gabriela Kanik. Both play a pivotal role in every project, engaging directly with client communication and meticulous project management. Depending on the industry, project specifics, and your unique needs, either Piotr or Gabriela will be closely collaborating with you. This ensures that your project receives the expert attention it deserves and feels like a partnership every step of the way.

How long have you been in the industry? What is your history?

We embarked on our journey in October 2009, initially operating under a different brand and specializing primarily in website and portal design as an interactive agency. By 2013, we evolved, rebranding ourselves as "Holy Sheep!" and pivoting our focus more towards branding. A decade into our adventure, we felt the need to rejuvenate and simplify, thus transitioning to "Holy Studio," updating our visual identity to reflect our ethos and offerings better.

What significant projects do you have in your portfolio?

One of our noteworthy achievements in the early days was developing a website for one of Poland's leading weekly newspapers. From there, our portfolio has broadened, taking on projects across diverse sectors and from various parts of the world. This includes mobile applications and startups from countries such as Poland, Ireland, China, and the US. We've also established ourselves in creating successful product brands in the cosmetics and e-commerce sectors in Poland and internationally. Whether you're an emerging business or an established enterprise looking to bolster your market presence, we're poised to assist. We excel in handling intricate projects that demand extensive work hours and are backed by an optimized, well-structured process. Our approach ensures both efficiency and impactful results, delivering the best outcomes for our clients within a favourable budget and timeframe.

How many people work in your studio?

Currently, our core team consists of six dedicated members. We also partner with a select group of freelance designers, programmers, and software houses. This network of trusted partners has become one of our unique strengths, giving us a competitive edge. It ensures that we can offer a diverse range of services while maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves. We approach each project with a sense of ownership, deeply understanding our client's challenges and the critical role of dependable execution for success.

Where did your name come from?

From 2013 to 2022, we were known as "Holy Sheep! Studio Branding." We had initially chosen this name for its bold, distinctive character sprinkled with playful wordplay. However, as our studio matured, we recognized the need for an evolution in our branding. Interestingly, our clients often affectionately referred to us as "Holy," dropping the latter part of the name. This natural abbreviation influenced our rebranding decision and led us to the more concise "Holy Studio." This name captures our essence as a boutique design brand, emphasizing our deviation from traditional agency models. We'd love to delve deeper into the story and philosophy behind our name when we chat!

Please indicate three projects that you are most proud of.

We thrive on successfully delivering projects, regardless of the company's size or recognition. What truly excites us are projects that push our boundaries, enabling us to explore new industries and tackle significant challenges. Here are a few examples of our notable accomplishments:

  • Mobipol – We conducted a rebranding for a company that has been in the market for 30 years and specializes in oils and lubricants. The challenge was to create an attractive brand image that effectively represented their expertise. The entire Mobipol team is now delighted with the results of our work, and the new brand image attracts the attention of new customers.
  • Resibo – We carried out a rebranding for a well-known Polish brand of natural cosmetics, Resibo. We refreshed their logo, created an illustrative key visual, and developed 38 packaging designs and 29 product names. We also designed the packaging for their new hair care line, which can be found in popular drugstore chains.
  • Good Sheet – We built a user-friendly application from scratch for managing corporate finances for small entrepreneurs called Good Sheet. The application was developed by Piotr, one of the co-owners of our studio, and the project and branding were created in-house. Good Sheet helps entrepreneurs manage their finances by offering easy-to-use tools and an intuitive interface.

Can I meet you in person and schedule a meeting?

We are happy to schedule a meeting with you if we can plan it.

Can I drop by your office for a coffee?

Our office serves as a workspace where we can entirely focus on and take breaks from our work. That's why we prefer to schedule meetings in our favourite coffee shops or lunch venues.

I'm not located in Wroclaw. Does that prevent me from working with you?

You can collaborate with us from anywhere worldwide, even in a different time zone. We don't necessarily need to meet in person for the project to run smoothly. Our process has been refined to facilitate fully asynchronous project management.

Do you participate in graphic design tenders or competitions?

We are fully committed to our client's projects and developing our internal projects. We do not participate in tenders or contests of this nature.

Do you work with startups?

We have worked with several startups from both Poland and abroad. We have our own project that helps entrepreneurs manage their finances. In startup projects, we focus on identifying and solving user problems, offering them the best possible experience and the fastest way to solve them. We use various frameworks to design user-friendly, aesthetic products that provide a good user experience.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, we have experience collaborating with numerous clients from around the world. If the decision-makers in your company are English-speaking, we are fine communicating with them. We are also open to meeting with clients at their location outside of Poland, provided that travel expenses are covered in advance.