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Our work can be the striking design of your app, the captivating illustration on your product, or the website that drives sales. It's the essence that connects with your customers, making a mark loved by your audience and tied to your brand.

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A successful business goes beyond sales strategy. With a trusted partner offering expertise and creativity, your brand can soar. Discover the benefits of partnering with us.

More than just designers –
advisors, partners, caretakers

We guarantee our clients a genuine commitment to solving their problems.

We are a partner whom you can open up to, entrusting us with sensitive information and important issues.

Our business relationships often span years, as they are built on trust and mutual understanding.

We believe in our clients' ventures and visions, and they rely on our expertise and exceptional dedication.


our founders

Gabriela Kanik - co-owner of Holy Studio

A good designer always considers the consequences of their decisions, both for their own client and their client's customers. There is no good design without empathy, insight, genuine curiosity, and asking the right questions.

Gabriela Kanik

creative director, co-owner

The head of graphic design and a communication specialist. She began her professional journey in 2011, starting with copywriting and transitioning into strategy. She specializes in communication strategies, brand naming, and copywriting to this day. In 2013, she joined forces with Piotr, combining her expertise in strategic branding with his experience in UX design and business.

Thanks to her unique approach and effective management methods, our work is associated with visual storytelling, visible coherence, and high quality. In her strategic work, she draws upon her education, practically applying knowledge from sociology and psychology. She is highly effective in research, creating basic tools and skillfully analyzing data. As a result, the communication she designs is rich in insights and problem-solving solutions. Clients appreciate her exceptional attention to detail, out-of-the-box ideas, sense of aesthetics, and heartfelt approach.

Gabi is convinced that the right team members are essential for project success, as the chemistry between the client and the designer influences the brand's energy. As our creative director, she consistently surprises clients with her innovative ideas and actively supports us in cultivating talents, expanding our knowledge, and refining our skills, including valuable soft skills. Her work style is often called the sixth sense – it's hard to put into words, so we encourage you to experience it firsthand.

Piotr Synowiec - co-owner of Holy Studio

The success of every project relies on three variables: effective planning, efficient decision-making, and minimizing errors. Mistakes happen to everyone, but the ability to identify and promptly take action on them yields the best results.

Piotr Synowiec

executive director, co-owner

In 2009, Piotr founded an interactive agency specializing in website design. He has collaborated with companies such as Uważam Rze, Parkiet, XTb Online Trading, and Play. With a deep understanding of the startup environment, Piotr has developed two applications, enabling him to grasp the expectations and challenges startup teams face fully.

Within the studio, he tackles topics that others may find overwhelming. Piotr is highly regarded for his ability to simplify complex problems and offer practical solutions. He values functional simplifications and maintains order, effortlessly balancing operational tasks with project management. With these skills, Piotr confidently navigates through challenges, instilling a sense of control in clients. As a dedicated business partner, he is attentive and committed to assisting. He often resolves issues before the client even realizes they exist.

Thanks to him, every collaboration follows a clear and predictable path, granting clients peace of mind. As a team, we learn from his composed approach, ability to view problems objectively, enthusiasm for personal growth, and knack for finding ways to streamline our work processes.

Our history

Between creativity and strategy

We firmly believe that the most remarkable brands created at the meeting point of these two disciplines. Our design approach is built on solid planning – from understanding problems and assessing risks to preparing and fine-tuning our processes.

Our team is a dynamic ensemble of graphic designers, illustrators, UX designers, programmers, and communication specialists. Despite our diverse backgrounds and individual talents, we're united by shared values, passions, and perspectives on design. There's nothing more fulfilling than ending the day with a smile, knowing we've topped our previous accomplishments.


They trusted us

Katarzyna Heider-Pryjma

Katarzyna Heider-Pryjma

co-owner of Bombshe

Thanks to Holy, we looked professional from the beginning. Today, we are a recognized brand with our own sewing workshop. Gabi and Piotr believed in our potential for success from the start and prepared an image we can continuously develop.

Paweł Orzechowski

Paweł Orzechowski

owner of Coders3

Holy Studio is a powerhouse of uniquely creative and highly communicative individuals, making collaboration an absolute delight. For quality-focused entrepreneurs, we endorse Holy Studio's services with confidence and enthusiasm.

Marta Ravensdale

Marta Ravensdale

owner of Moonholi

Yogis globally praise the designs Holy made for our yoga mats. Their professionalism and innovative flair have never failed me. They know how to elevate a product with exceptional design.

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